Heat Pump Prices – Find the Best Value for Your Money

Dollar fallsIn general, heat pump prices are always diverse. Depending on the brand, a complete heat pump installation can start at as low as $1,800 all the way up to a cool $8,500. Among the most well-known HVAC machine manufacturers are Lennox, Carrier, Emerson, Trane, Amana, Coleman, and Aire-Flo. They make their big names thanks to the systems’ not only for efficiency and longevity but also remarkable technical support.

Another factor that determines the total investment you have to afford for a heat pump is the type of the system. The most expensive yet most reliable system is geothermal heat pumps. Such systems acquire the heat source from below the ground, thus requiring more tedious and more complex steps during installation. In this article, you’re going to learn and be able to compare heat pump prices for various brands and types alike.

Heat Pump Prices Based on Types

Unlike other conventional heating systems, heat pumps utilize different approach at making a room warmer in cold weather. They do not necessarily generate heat like traditional furnaces. Instead, they only move hot air from one room and pump it out on the other. More specifically, the systems pull air from one place and then heat it up and deliver it back on to the desired room. Inside, they are equipped with vapor refrigeration compression assisted with reversing valves which enable many heat pumps to deliver cool air as well on hot weather, cutting out the need for an air conditioner. In other words, heat pump prices may look incredibly expensive from the start but they’ll pay themselves off on the long term.

Based on the heat source, heat pumps generally can be divided into three types: water heat pump, air source heat pump and geothermal heat pump. As their names imply, water heat pumps make use of water (usually from a swimming pool) to heat the air while air source heat pumps utilize the outdoor air to either heat or cool the rooms. Geothermal heat pumps, on the other hand, acquire the heat they need from the underground, allowing it to work effectively even in freezing temperature. The complete installation heat pump prices for such a system based on average size 2.5 ton unit revolve around $9,200. As for water and air source heat pumps, the starting investment you have to afford could start at about $3,600 and $4,750 respectively.

Heat Pump Prices Based on Brands

Heat pump costs also vary depending on the brand on which you put your trust on. Brands strictly correlate with the system efficiency. On a nutshell, it is safe for us to assume that the more popular a manufacturer is, the more efficient their machines are, and of course the higher their costs are. Better efficiency always leads to more savings on your energy bills, so don’t let the starting prices fool you. Based on the average 2.5 ton unit size, mid-range systems are sold at $1,500-$2,000 price range while high-end heat pump prices are usually set at $2,300-$3,200.

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